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Important notices:

For the first delivery of dangerous goods and/or materials which are harmful to the environment, or for changes in the product composition, we need to receive latest with the delivery of the goods an updated material safety data sheet.

You can find our safety and environment regulations for outside companies, which have to be followed strictly on our factory premises on in the download menu.

Kraus Elektrotechnik Conformance to ROHS Guidelines

Guideline 2002/95/EG RoHS - Guideline of the European Parliament states that the listed substances for electric powered and electronic devices from the 1st July 2006 can no longer be used.

Dangerous substances are:

  • Lead Pb
  • Quicksilver Hg
  • Cadmium Cd
  • Hexavalent Chromium CrVI
  • Polybrominated Biphenyls PBB
  • Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers PBDE

Items under RoHS are:

  • Large Household Appliances e.g: fridges and washing machines
  • Small Household Appliances e.g: vacuum cleaners, Toasters and clothes irons
  • Information and Telecommunication devices e.g: Computers, copying machines and telephones
  • Entertainment and electronic devices e.g: Televisions and HIFI-Devices
  • Lighting. Fluorescent lamps and gas discharge lamps
  • Electric and Electronic Tools e.g: Electric drills, sewing-machines and lawnmowers
  • Food vending and preparation machines e.g: Automatic vending machines and soda machines

Materials and Products which are except from RoHS Guidelines

  • Spare Parts for equipment manufactured before 1st July 2005
  • Cadmium in switching contacts, except, contacts where used in automotive engineering
  • Brass (with up to 4% lead)
  • Manufacturing facilities and its component parts
  • Static tools
  • Medical devices
  • Monitoring and control instruments in industrial facilities (for example control cabinet)

Kraus Products, adaptation for assembling in electric and electronic devices to RoHS Guideline

Purification of the environment and consideration of their appropriate rules are part of our corporate policy and are held highly at all levels of
development and production.

All products which are produced by Kraus Elektrotechnik and are included in a delivery programme undertake extensive inspection and analysis, exceptions to this inspection are all components supplied by the customer.

In accordance with RoHS guidelines all products which fall outside of the requirements have guidelines as follows: The adoption of materials as listed are allowed for use within spare parts for existing devices manufactured before July 2006. Materials used after July 2006 must comply fully with the RoHS

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