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Current leads and bus bars

Flexible current leads and bus bars will be used when current has to be transmitted over stretching’s or different levels. We do not have many serial products but therefore you can count on specific and tried solutions. The application of certified WIG/Ultra-sonic- and resistance welding technologies is verified for each application also for small production runs and therefore we have a high level of customer satisfaction.

Flexible current leads are highly flexible electrically conductive connections. We manufacture lamination straps made from aluminium or copper with un-tinned or finished surfaces as well as flexible and highly flexible braided connectors with and without insulation in water- and air-cooled styles.

You can download a chart which will assist you in choosing the right cross section area of the conductor in dependence to the current load.

These values can only be approximate recommendations as full application details would be required.

Individual solutions with high quality are our strength.
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Last change: Thursday, 21.12.2017