Regardless of the application, whether in excavators, tower cranes, hydraulic lifts, car or ship cranes, the transmission of signals from stator to rotor in construction machinery is crucial for the overall performance.

Railway technology

Kraus and railway are tradition. For more than six decades our company has been manufacturing products and components for special railway applications with a high safety factor.


Renewable energies are the future and with them the need for solutions and unique products, that allow continuous improvement, grows. This can occur at the primary level, namely by increasing the yield of the respective energy producer, or at the secondary level, such as through above-average lifespans or by minimising overall costs through increasing total technical quality and thereby optimising production efficiency.


Among the essential requirements, that need to be considered when developing and manufacturing slip rings used in control systems of offshore oil and gas platforms, is the reliable protection against explosions.


In their various form slip rings demonstrate a versatile and diverse application profile in the field of automation. The transmission of power, signals, as well as media during rotation may here be a basic requirement.


Slip ring assemblies for sensitive defence applications
When considering the sum of special requirements relating to general quality standards, reliability and flexibility demanded of a product group, security and defence technology are among the most challenging industries around.

Explosion proof applications

A single spark or excessive environmental temperatures in a potentially explosive surrounding can be the catalyst for a severe catastrophy. In this respect, the installation of slip rings in applications demonstrating this high risk of inflammability or explosion is fundamentally connected to special requirements.