Slip ring assemblies


Whether applied in wind turbines or treatment plants, in machine tools or printing machinery, car, ship or tower cranes, we are a globally recognized specialist for slip ring production. With over sixty years of experience in developing, planning and manufacturing, we are able to develop the right solution for any application and requirement in both small batches of only one right up to industrial mass production.

Ensuring the ideal transfer of power, signals and data from a static to a rotating component demands special technical expertise and pronounced practical know-how. Building on this foundation, we can offer a range of standard components which can be assembled according to specification or even supplemented by new components.

This saves costs for our customer and significantly accelerates the planning and manufacturing of new slip rings. Additionally we are able to develop completely new solutions right down to the details of each individual component.

Wether the product is supposed to implement specific functionalities or meet particular requirements in robustness, reliability or safety, we will find the most suitable solution to meet our clients´ unique requests – even for more complex demands or very challenging conditions.

Transmission Technology

Contacting Systems

Graphite Brush System

Multi Wire System

„Level-by-level“-System – NI, AG, AU

Pancake System

Cast Modules - Gold-On-Gold Technology

Non-Contacting Systems

Fiber Optical Rotary Joints (FORJ)

Non-Contacting slip ring - Capacitive Link

Hybrid Systems



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