Kraus Group 
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Kraus Elektrotechnik GmbH

To this day Kraus Elektrotechnik - headquarter of the Kraus Group - has particularly focused on the construction and manufacture of slip rings. Over the last few decades, the company has become a globally known provider with high experience in development and manufacturing. Kraus Elektrotechnik additionally produces switches for rail applications, as well as equipment and spare parts for the electrical engineering field.

The company currently employs around 160 employees at its headquarter in Augsburg.

Kraus China
Kraus China is the Kraus Group’s gateway to the far-east market. The Chinese Kraus Group subsidiary was founded in 2006 for the design and manufacture of products for use in railway technology, specifically the production of breakers and grounding switches.

Climate Neutral Company

Climate change might probably be the biggest challenges for human kind since the end of the glacial period. It is now on us all to keep down the deterioration of our climate.

The economic choices and actions in industrial countries like Germany play a major role in the fight against growing emission. As a part of this industrial community we are willing to take over responsibility for earth as we leave it to our children and grandchildren.

Technology and Quality
Made in Germany

“Made in Germany” technology enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide. This is partly due to a long tradition of training engineers and educating technically qualified personnel. With its high density of medium-sized companies, Germany also has an exceptionally dynamic business environment with cross-industry synergy effects.