Buzzing helpers: Bees for Kraus

We are pleased to welcome around 120,000 new employees to our headquarters in Ausgburg. 3 bee colonies have recently found a home on our company site and have since been working diligently on their honey production.

Bees play a crucial role in our ecosystem, not only producing honey but also helping to pollinate plants. Without pollination by bees and other pollinators, many plant species would not survive, and so would a variety of animal species that depend on them, including birds, small mammals and insects. But humans are not excluded from this dependence either. Many crops, such as fruit trees, vegetable plants and oil plants, depend on pollination by bees to produce high yields. Without bees, food production would be severely impaired, which could lead to shortages in the supply of fruit, vegetables and other natural products.

Although industry and environmental protection do not seem to be a perfect match at first, we still see it as our responsibility to promote the preservation and protection of our planet. Nature is our most valuable asset, which must be maintained. By providing a habitat for these valuable insects, we are not only supporting biodiversity, but also want to contribute to maintaining a healthy environment.

Thanks to our dedicated partner Beefuture, our bees receive the best care all year around.

In this way, we hope not only to make a positive contribution to our environment, but additionally to create awareness for sustainability both inside and outside the company.

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