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Climate Neutral Company

Climate change might probably be the biggest challenges for human kind since the end of the glacial period. It is now on us all to keep down the deterioration of our climate.

The economic choices and actions in industrial countries like Germany play a major role in the fight against growing emission. As a part of this industrial community we are willing to take over responsibility for earth as we leave it to our children and grandchildren.

Consequently we have decided to record our company’s greenhouse gas emission, which we are gradually trying to reduce now. As a comprehensive reduction of emission can hardly be realised, we are compensating the remaining emission by means of climate protection certificates, through which we support three valuable projects: A wind power project in Jaibhim, India, a reforestation project in Uruguay and a project improving cooking stoves in Ghana.

Kraus Group

Technology and Quality
Made in Germany

“Made in Germany” technology enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide. This is partly due to a long tradition of training engineers and educating technically qualified personnel. With its high density of medium-sized companies, Germany also has an exceptionally dynamic business environment with cross-industry synergy effects.

Since it was founded in the fifties, the Kraus Company has been a fixed component of this dynamic. At the same time, we have continuously developed our products and services to set the standards of our industry segment, particularly in the field of slip ring systems. However, we have also been able to maintain the flexibility and vitality in our development as a medium-sized company. We provide the quality meant by “Made in Germany” – always giving and benefitting in equal measures.

Our regional and international clients and partners benefit throughout from the high standards of our duty to service and quality.

In accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001, we have implemented comprehensive quality controls and a firmly integrated system of management processes. In addition, our many patents for certain product applications ensure our developmental edge.




Walter Kraus founded the company with a small workshop in Augsburg. Back then the product portfolio was limited to the mere manufacture of electronic contacts.


10 years after the foundation the first steps towards our present core product were taken. The first slip ring assemblies were developed and mounted together with our customers.


With the relocation of the company to Aindlingerstrasse 13 – still today’s headquarter – the foundation for the expansion in size as well as product variety was laid.


Acquisition and expansion of the first Kraus daughter company – Kraus Kunststofftechnik GmbH.


The Kraus Group welcomes the Dresden based company EKR – Elektro-Kontakt Radebeul GmbH into the Family.


The company obtains the TÜV-Certification according to DIN EN 9001.


Further diversification of our product portfolio due to the development of explosion proof components. Certification according to ESP 13 ATEX Q 615.


Foundation of the company Kraus (Tianjin) Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. in Tianjin, a few kilometers southeast of Beijing.


By now Kraus has developed into a cohesive and versatile Group of four companies with over 200 employees. At that the steady growth and development in capacities as well as technologically has always been the foundation of our endeavour.

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