Explosion proof applications

Explosion-proof slip ring transmitters are the foundation of safety in industries where explosive atmospheres are of constant concern. Environments with an elevated risk of explosions are particularly found in areas where flammable gases and dust are present. These slip rings are designed to prevent or extinguish electrical sparks or arcs before they reach the easily ignitable atmospheres outside the slip ring, making them a critical component in industries such as the oil and gas sector, chemical production, mining, agriculture, and more.

The robust construction of slip ring transmitters, their certified safety features, and customization options make them an indispensable component for protecting personnel, equipment, and the environment.

For 20 years Kraus Elektrotechnik has been developing and manufacturing explosion-proof slip ring transmitters, which are approved according to the following standards and certifications:

  • ESP 19 ATEX Q 260
  • IECEx DE/EPS/QAR13.007/00
  • RL 2014/34/EU
  • EN 60079-0:2012

Power ranges, materials used, and construction can be optimized to meet individual customer requirements.

We ensure that our products meet the specific requirements while ensuring maximum safety.

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