Kraus – your partner for electrical rings in construction machinery. We offer high-quality, tailor-made solutions and optimize the performance of construction and transport machinery. You can rely on our expertise and precision for maximum efficiency.

The signal transmission between the stator and rotor plays a crucial role in the overall performance capability of construction machinery, such as excavators, tower cranes, aerial work platforms, as well as automotive and ship cranes.

As a globally renowned manufacturer and developer of electrical rotary connections, Kraus is known for the impeccable quality and durability of their products. Our portfolio includes a wide range of products, with slip ring transmitters as our core business, as well as specific electromechanical components like contactors, voltage converters, detectors, and industrial connectors.

Through long-standing partnerships and the resulting expertise in development, we are not only able to supply standard components but also offer customized solutions for complex requirements.

Whether it’s the latest technology or time-tested methods, we tailor our solutions to the individual needs of our customers and their equipment.

In close collaboration with our customers, we employ high-quality components to maximize the full performance potential of construction and transport machinery. We optimize performance reserves in this sector and ensure that the machines are equipped with the best components available.

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Railway technology

Kraus and railway – it’s a tradition. For almost seven decades, we have been manufacturing products and components for railway applications, both for the train and along the tracks.

Our switch solutions for the third rail, disconnecting and earthing switches as well as Key-Multiplier are worldwide well-regarded for their performance, functionality, and robustness in railway infrastructure. All of our railway switches are produced to match strict industry standards and undergo extensive testing to ensure they meet the requirements of the respective railway application. Whether on the train or alongside the tracks, our switches ensure the safe and smooth procedure of maintenance work and other operations related to railway infrastructure.

To meet the needs of our customers, we produce switches in both small and large quantities.

In addition to switch devices, our range includes a wide variety of components that we can produce matching the customers´ requirements. These include switch contacts, busbars (both rigid and flexible), arc chambers, insulators, voltage detectors, and many more.

Years of experience and the continuous improvement of our manufacturing processes make us a reliable partner and advisor when it comes to the right infrastructural components for your railway project.



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Welcome to the future of renewable energy! Kraus has been a pioneer in the field of slip ring transmitters for wind turbines since the 1960s. With our robust products we stand for quality and durability.

The future belongs to renewable energy, and with it, the demand for solutions and unique products which enhance their utilization is growing.

Kraus’s first slip ring transmitters were specifically developed and designed for wind turbines in the early 1960s. And to this day they continue to impress with outstanding quality parameters thanks to decades of experience in every aspect.

In addition to stable transmission quality during continuous rotation, the robustness of our products is of great importance. Our slip ring transmitters are low-maintenance and can withstand up to 150 million revolutions in wind turbines. Furthermore, we offer construction variants that ensure resistance to seawater for offshore applications. Thanks to their modular design, our slip rings are not only flexible in structure and adaptable to various requirements but also allow for the most cost-efficient planning. The patented plug-in technology enables easy assembly and disassembly, including a plug & play option.


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In hazardous industrial environments, reliable electrical connections are crucial. Kraus’s explosion-proof slip rings provide high safety and performance, especially in offshore installations for oil and gas production.

In industrial environments where hazards are ever-present, the reliability of electrical connections is of utmost importance. Explosion-proof slip ring assemblies are designed to ensure the highest safety and uninterrupted performance in the most demanding conditions.

Especially in the field of offshore installations for oil and gas production, as a producer of slip rings, we carry a significant responsibility and ensure that all our devices comply with specified safety standards. Explosion protection is a crucial and essential requirement in this context.

Kraus’s slip rings not only transmit the required power but also ensure reliable transmission of control signals. Power ranges, materials used, and design can be optimized to meet individual customer requirements. Kraus Elektrotechnik is known for the high durability and technical quality of its products applicable on oil drilling platforms and other offshore installations. Here, they work reliably and safely to meet the demanding requirements of oil and gas production.

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Versatile automation solutions, from textile machinery to robotic systems. We deliver the product that your system revolves around.

Slip rings have diverse applications in automation with varying requirements.

Their fundamental task is to continuously transport currents, signals, and data within rotating systems. In some applications, such as pneumatic or hydraulic transmissions, we complement the electrical rotary interface with a media rotary interface.

Thanks to our core competency in developing and implementing tailored solutions for our customers in various application areas, we have accumulated extensive experience in automation. Kraus’s slip ring transmitters find application in textile machinery, injection molding and filling systems, as well as complex robotic systems, milling centers, machine tools, and labeling machines.

Their use spans across various industries, allowing for process optimization and increased productivity. Through continuous innovation and customized solutions, we can be a stable and reliable partner in the field of automation.

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The slip ring plays a crucial role in the seamless transmission of data, signals, power, or media between rotating and static components. We provide customized solutions for effective, secure, and reliable applications in defence technology.

The field of safety and defence technology places high demands on products concerning general quality standards, reliability, and flexibility. It is one of the most challenging industry segments.

The high sensitivity to quality has good reasons: In case of emergency, security systems depend on the flawless operation of their individual components. Therefore, each component must reliably perform its specific function. We understand the specific requirements of these sensitive application areas and deliver slip ring solutions that meet the highest safety standards.

We design and manufacture slip ring applications in defence technology, ensuring the highest security and readiness even under extreme environmental and climate conditions. Through a clearly structured design established based on customer specifications, our slip ring transmitters are precisely tailored in function and construction to meet your individual requirements, allowing for efficient operation.

In defence technology, the slip ring is an example of advanced technology that contributes to enhancing military effectiveness and ensuring the safety of various applications. Their ability to seamlessly transmit data, power, and various media between rotating and stationary components makes them an essential element in a variety of critical applications.


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Explosion proof applications

In explosive environments, a single spark or elevated ambient temperatures poses a potential danger. The use of slip rings in such environments requires specific safety precautions.

Explosion-proof slip ring transmitters are the foundation of safety in industries where explosive atmospheres are of constant concern. Environments with an elevated risk of explosions are particularly found in areas where flammable gases and dust are present. These slip rings are designed to prevent or extinguish electrical sparks or arcs before they reach the easily ignitable atmospheres outside the slip ring, making them a critical component in industries such as the oil and gas sector, chemical production, mining, agriculture, and more.

The robust construction of slip ring transmitters, their certified safety features, and customization options make them an indispensable component for protecting personnel, equipment, and the environment.

For 20 years Kraus Elektrotechnik has been developing and manufacturing explosion-proof slip ring transmitters, which are approved according to the following standards and certifications:

  • ESP 19 ATEX Q 260
  • IECEx DE/EPS/QAR13.007/00
  • RL 2014/34/EU
  • EN 60079-0:2012

Power ranges, materials used, and construction can be optimized to meet individual customer requirements.

We ensure that our products meet the specific requirements while ensuring maximum safety.

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