Regardless of the application, whether in excavators, tower cranes, hydraulic lifts, car or ship cranes, the transmission of signals from stator to rotor in construction machinery is crucial for the overall performance.

As producer and developer of electric rotary joints for renowned manufacturers of construction machinery all over the world, our portfolio offers a huge range of different products. In addition to our slip ring solutions, we also offer the sale of specific electromechanical products such as safeguards, microswitches as well as battery and industrial connectors.

Drawing on partnerships that often span years and even decades and the development know-how that has resulted from them, we not only offer supply of the usual standard components, but are capable of realizing solutions for complex requirements.

In consultation with our clients, we are able to supply them with high-quality components, while maximising the performance of construction and transport machinery.

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Railway technology

Kraus and railway are tradition. For more than six decades our company has been manufacturing products and components for special railway applications with a high safety factor.

Our disconnectors, earthing switches and switch solutions for the third rail, as well as the safety-relevant key-operated switches (Key-Multiplayer) that we manufacture in both small batches and large-scale volumes for use in railway infrastructure are highly regarded worldwide for performance, functionality and quality.

We also offer a broad spectrum of components that we are able to manufacture in standard or customized versions for our customers. These include numerous spare parts, such as switch contacts, current leads (both rigid and flexible), arc chutes, isolators, voltage detectors and much more.

Thanks to decades of sustained manufacturing of components for the railway infrastructure we are a reliable contact and an experienced advisor in this segment.



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Renewable energies are the future and with them the need for solutions and unique products, that allow continuous improvement, grows. This can occur at the primary level, namely by increasing the yield of the respective energy producer, or at the secondary level, such as through above-average lifespans or by minimising overall costs through increasing total technical quality and thereby optimising production efficiency.

Slip ring transmitters from Kraus are designed and constructed to convince with every essential quality parameter.

In addition to excellent transfer quality with safe, interruption-free signal transfer, their robustness for users is a central argument for their purchase. Slip ring transmitters from Kraus are also maintenance-free for up to 150 million rotations in wind power generators. We also supply various models that offer complete seawater-resistance for application in the offshore sector. Thanks to their modular design, our slip ring solutions bring savings in operating costs by providing simple installation and deinstallation facilitated by patented plug-in technology (including plug & play option).


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Among the essential requirements, that need to be considered when developing and manufacturing slip rings used in control systems of offshore oil and gas platforms, is the reliable protection against explosions.

When deployed on offshore facilities, this needs to be safely guaranteed at every stage. The installation of slip rings on offshore applications furthermore requires a high resistance to high shock and vibration loads as well as the ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Kraus Elektrotechnik slip rings are capable of transmitting the respective power and ensure the transmission of data and control signals. The necessary performance spectrum, the desired materials, as well as the construction properties can therefore be adapted to client requirements. Our products are designed to minimise overall costs in every case thanks to their high lifespans and excellent technical quality, thereby immediately improving production efficiency.

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In their various form slip rings demonstrate a versatile and diverse application profile in the field of automation. The transmission of power, signals, as well as media during rotation may here be a basic requirement.

For some applications, such as pneumatic or hydraulic power transfers, the slip ring is additionally complemented by a media rotary joint.

We at Kraus can put forward with many years of experience in fulfilling specific requirement profiles in the field of automation. This includes slip rings for textile winding machinery, injection moulding and bottling systems, as well as for complex robotics systems. Among our many projects in the automation section we are developing slip rings for milling centers, machine tools, as well as labelling machinery.

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SafetySlip ring assemblies for sensitive defence applications

When considering the sum of special requirements relating to general quality standards, reliability and flexibility demanded of a product group, security and defence technology are among the most challenging industries around.

The keen sensibility for quality is with good cause. After all, in case of emergency, defence systems depend on the functionality and reliability of their individual components.

Whether it’s cast slip ring modules with special gold plating, flat or radial slip ring modules with multi-wire contact technology or several non-contacting systems, we design and produce slip ring transmitters that ensure the highest standards in safety and operational readiness under even the most demanding environmental and climatic conditions. A clearly structured design likewise ensures simple handling and efficient operation thanks to generally simple maintenance.


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Explosion proof applications

A single spark or excessive environmental temperatures in a potentially explosive surrounding can be the catalyst for a severe catastrophy. In this respect, the installation of slip rings in applications demonstrating this high risk of inflammability or explosion is fundamentally connected to special requirements.

Kraus Elektrotechnik has been designing and manufacturing explosion-proof slip rings since 2003 and the company is certified in accordance to:

  • ESP 19 ATEX Q 260
  • IECEx DE/EPS/QAR13.007/00
  • RL 2014/34/EU
  • and EN 60079-0:2012

Increased risk of explosion primarily exists where gas and dust may easily ignite. Kraus Elektrotechnik offers customised solutions for each application field while meeting the highest safety standards.

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