Flexible and rigid power connectors

Due to many years of experience the Kraus affiliate EKR gaind great expertise in the manufacture of flexible and rigid current leads. We design and produce current leads and associated supplies for a wide variety of different applications for a broad spectrum of industries. Specialised for welded high-current copper or aluminium components, we are able to produce both large industrial and small series volumes right down to unique pieces for specific applications, depending on the application purpose. Our portfolio includes a broad spectrum of product groups, such as bus bars, laminated foils and straps, electrical contacts as well as welded constructions of non-ferrous metals.

In order to be able to repeatedly manufacture with high quality at all times, regardless of volume, we are equipped with a modern machine park with the latest CAD/CAM technology at our disposal.

In addition to static physical requirements such as conductivity, rigidity and weight, a whole range of additional experience parameters come into use. This is where our many years of experience in construction and production technologies pays off.

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