Visit of a classic

Recently a special slip ring, which was sent to us for refurbishment, gave proof of the longevity and durable quality of Kraus products. Since the early 70s the still properly functioning unit had been reliably operating in a long time customerĀ“s application. Due to changed requirements the slip ring had to be extended by five tracks and submitted to refurbishment during the process.

Apart from the brush blocks and insulating rings every single part had been reused. After disassembly our service team had cleaned all parts separately, diligently removed all rust and finally painted them to seal the surface. The rings have been refurbished, polished and extended by 5 additional, new rings.

In order to preserve the original condition of the slip ring special insulating material had been acquired and used in the process.

Finally the unit was refitted into its application and will be reliably working for the next centuries to come.



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